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A few things that I have learnt so far from starting a business in Melbourne.

The production of the Malaysia in Melbourne iPhone app is currently well underway! And OMG there’s just SO MUCH WORK TO DO!! Phone calls, emails, meetings, emails, emails, emails and more emails!! I’m sorry, did I already mention emails?? I have to say though that it has been a fantastic ride and learning experience for me!

Here are a few things I’ve learnt along the way…

  1. Always remember to say “Please and Thank You”. I can promise you that POLITENESS goes a longgggg way.
  2. It doesn’t hurt to ASK QUESTIONS. Just BE BRAVE, SUCK IT UP and ASKKKK!
  3. Most people I email think I’m white because my name is Juliet John.
  4. The word discount goes a long way in the business world!!
  5. Some people treat you differently when you’re a girl.. in both a good way AND a bad way. Lol.
  6. Never listen to your friends/frenemies/family┬ámembers who tell you what you’re doing won’t work.
  7. I’m more productive after 12pm.
  8. The City of Melbourne is an AMAZING place to be/live/start a business! The coffee is good, the people are friendly and there’s ALWAYS something going on.
  9. WHY DON’T SOME PEOPLE REPLY MY EMAILS!!!! (To those that haven’t, I hope you’re reading this…).
  10. Fighting with my iPhone app developer Cyril Gaillard of Melvia is not good for me.
  11. Facebook is EVIL.
  12. I am SO GETTING a flu shot next winter/spring! Being sick with flu/fever/hayever/allergies kills my productivity…and wallet.
  13. Always talk and think that you are the ABSOLUTE SHIZNIT.
  14. I am not the ABSOLUTE SHIZNIT (I just talk and think I am one).
  15. The food in some of the Malaysian restaurants here in Melbourne are just as good as the ones back in Malaysia!
  16. A NO can always be turned into a YES. And vice versa.
  17. Always carry an umbrella when you’re all dressed up and on the way for a meeting. Remember, you’re in Melbourne! ;)











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  1. shan posted
    December 1, 2012 at 8:49 pm

    great writing my dear…… you are talented!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Juliet John
    Juliet John posted
    December 6, 2012 at 1:42 am

    Thanks A.Shan!!! Means a lot coming from you!!! xoxoxo

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